A trip to Devon

Christopher and I will take the train down to Devon today. I’m really excited as I haven’t been there before but I have heard (and seen on TV) that it is beautiful there. We are going to stay with Christopher’s grandmother Joan. She is absolutely lovely, and it will be great to spend a bit more time with her.

I look forward to nice walks in the woods and along the coast, to breathe fresh air and to relax and drink lots of tea. Hopefully we will have time for a visit to The River Cottage for lunch. I really like the series, so it would be great to experience it properly. I imagine the life in the countryside here to be a bit like in the series with lots of village fairs happening all the time. In Sweden people keep to themselves a little bit more, or meet up in smaller groups, but here the culture is more sociable. Having said that, Swedes are very sociable too, just in a different way.

So I am very much ready for some countryside life, I love London but I am a country girl at heart! 🙂

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One Response to A trip to Devon

  1. I loved The River Cottage too Hanna, I’ve got one of the books, so it would be so much fun to read about a visit. I’ve never been to Devon either…, so on all counts I’m looking forward to your next post. Have fun 🙂

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