Smoked pork fillet

Even though I don’t know where to find this lovely meat in London, I have to recommend it to you!

First of all, try cooking pork fillet. Really nice meat and quite cheap. I haven’t met an English person yet who has bought it, but DO, I highly recommend it. It is the best part of the pig, hardly any fat in it, and it is very versatile, and of course (obviously) it’s tasty.

Simple and delicious!

The smoked version I didn’t discover until this summer when I was back home in Sweden. Christopher fell in love with the meat and of course we had to buy some and bring with us back. We have manged to keep it in the freezer until now, and that is quite remarkable.

It is best served cold or lukewarm and cut into thin slices. We had tzatziki and new potato salad with it, and leftovers became yummy sandwiches the next day together with some decent bread, dijon mustard and mayonnaise.

IF you come across it here, I hope you will do two things! 1. Buy it and enjoy it. 2. Tell me about it! Many thanks.

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