Poussins with rosemary and lemon

I was incredibly proud of myself on Sunday! I made poussins for the first time and they were (if I may say so myself) delicious! The meat was tender and very moist and the flavours from the seasoning really came through. Then the roast potatoes (first time as well) were perfect, the parsnips lovely and the creamy gravy the last addition to a perfect meal. Both Chris and I were quiet, concentrating on the food. 🙂 Try this!! Promise!

All prepped!

Don't they look pretty?!

Poussins with rosemary and lemon, serves 2

2 poussins

100 g softened butter

parsley, finely chopped (or Gourmet Garden works here)

1 glove garlic, pressed

1 lemon, the zest

2 rosemary sprigs

1 clove garlic, cut into four

salt and pepper

olive oil

Make a cut in the skin above the breasts on each poussin, along the whole breast, so you have a pocket. Mix the softened butter with lemon zest, pressed garlic, parsley and salt and pepper. Divide it into four and fill the pockets on the birds. Next put a piece of garlic in each pocket and divide the rosemary sprigs and put them into the pockets too. Season with salt and pepper all around. Heat up some olive oil in an oven proof frying pan (no plastic handles) and fry the birds for circa 3 minutes on each side, on medium-high heat, or until the poussins have a lovely colour. Next pop the frying pan in a 200 C oven for 150-20 minutes, depending on the size. Make sure the meat is cooked through by making a cut by the leg, you want cooked meat and clear juices. Enjoy!

I served it with roast potatoes, roast parsnips (parsnips, olive oil, salt and white pepper and some fresh rosemary, 30-40 mins, 200C) and a creamy gravy (creme fraiche and cream, soy, colouring soy, chicken stock, rowanberry jelly to taste) with some of the cooking juices from the poussins. Sooo good!

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6 Responses to Poussins with rosemary and lemon

  1. Congratulations! Poussins are so elegant aren’t they and you’ve paired them with some lovely flavours! 😀

  2. Jo Romero says:

    These look gorgeous. I’ve never cooked poussins before but you’ve inspired me to give them a go. I love the aroma of rosemary as well – your recipe sounds yummy. Loving those crispy Roasties too!

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