Chocolate oat balls

I liked to bake even as a little girl. I think I was eight or so when I made sponge better than my mum (that’s the only thing I can cook or bake better than her though, but it kept me going) and made it again and again for my dad, who had to eat a lot just to please me. This non-oven recipe I usually ate myself, and I still like it. It’s like a children’s truffle or something. It still helps against any chocolate cravings and it is so easy to make.

Pretty little things!

Chocolate oat balls, about 20

100 g softened butter

300 ml oats

4 tbsp granulated or caster sugar

1 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp water

sugar strands, hundreds of thousands, desiccated coconut, chopped nuts etc.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly, the last thing you want is a lump of butter in there. I use the dough hooks on my electric whisk, otherwise you can do it by hand with a wooden spoon. Roll the mixture into small balls, and roll them in for example sugar strands or whatever you can think of. It is traditionally made with desiccated coconut, but I prefer it with something sugary. The white sugar pearls are Swedish, and that’s normally what I would use, but they look pretty with sugar strands or hundred and thousands too.

Put on a plate, cover with clingfilm and let them set in the fridge for at least 45 minutes. They keep for about a week in the fridge, but they usually don’t last that long. 🙂

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