Crumbly vanilla cookies

These crumbly cookies are called Drömmar (dreams) in Swedish. My grandmother used to bake these a lot (but another recipe) and serve them together with six other kinds of cakes and cookies when it was her or my grandfather’s birthday. It is old-fashioned Swedish tradition to serve 7 types of cakes and cookies in a specific order. It always started off with her cinnamon wreath (like cinnamon buns but shaped like a wreath and cut into pieces), then a type of sponge cake, then four types of smaller cookies, like these, followed by the grande finale – the cake. These parties were held in the afternoon and needed plenty of coffee and liqueur.

Crumbly vanilla cookies (Drömmar), 20

40 g softened butter

75 ml granulated sugar

3 tbsp cooking oil

200 ml plain flour

4 ml baking ammonia (hartshorn)

1/2 tbsp vanilla sugar

Put the oven on 200 C. Beat butter and sugar fluffy, then beat in the oil. Mix the dry ingredients and fold them in, make sure the batter is thoroughly mixed. Divide the batter into pieces and roll them into balls, carefully as the batter is quite crumbly. Put the balls onto parchment paper and turn the oven down to 175 C when putting the cookies in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes, leave to cool on a wire rack.

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