Yesterday Christopher and I went to Quaglino’s near Green Park as D&D London together with the Evening Standard has a summer offer on at all their restaurants. It is the same company that owns Skylon, which I have mentioned before. We had cinema tickets for the Swedish film The girl who played with fire and thought it would be nice to have dinner beforehand. The offer started at £10 for two courses, a real bargain.

Neither of us had been to the restaurant before, and it was very modern in its design, but still had a genial ambiance. On the ground floor there was a the cloak rooms, a quite small bar, a piano with a playing pianist and some function rooms and downstairs was the restaurant. It was all one big open-plan room with plenty of tables. Most had white tablecloths and black chairs, but some tables were red with sofas and no tablecloths. A nice pop of colour was the big tassels on every chair in different bright colours. They were all placed on the seat when we walked in. The waiters also had a pop of colour to them as they all wore ties in different bright colours. The staff by the cloak room all wore black dresses and the same chunky necklace. Someone clearly had a specific idea about the design and attention to detail when they opened the restaurant.

There was a special menu for this offer, consisting of five or so options for every course and was quite varied. A good menu actually. Christopher chose asparagus with egg mimosa dressing as a starter while I chose the salmon ceviche with tequila dressing. The asparagus was very nice and Christopher was pleased with his choice. My salmon was nice, but it didn’t taste at all of tequila, not even a hint. Instead it tasted of mustard which was nice too. For main course Christopher chose fish and chips with tartar sauce and I chose feather blade of beef with scallion mash. The fish was nice and a good version of the classic pub dish. My beef was very tender and tasty, it had cooked for 3 hours on low temperature in the oven. I wasn’t too impressed with the scallion mash though, I didn’t see nor taste any scallions in it, and it was quite starchy in its texture. But it was generous portions of comfort food, so felt more like a very well homecooked meal than a restaurant meal, but that is probably because we choose to go to quite high-end establishments most of the time. The food was very good and the service was excellent, but I wouldn’t say this restaurant is great for a romantic meal, it’s more where you go with a group of friends or take your girl friends too for cocktails and food.

I have to mention the film as well, which was excellent! Even better than the first film I think, and I can’t wait for the next one to reach the cinemas here. I highly recommend the film, but be prepared for some (at least to non-Swedish people, or maybe just the English?) chocking scenes. And Curzon’s have great cinemas, they’re a bit run down but definitely have their charm.

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