Fish soup with aioli

On Saturday I made fish soup for the first time, totally improvised but with my mother’s version in mind (although not knwing the recipe for it). I think I came quite close, and this is exactly how I like my fish soup. Although I should have used better stock! Only had stock cubes at hand and that’s just not good enough. But it was still pretty good, and with the homemade aioli it was even great! 🙂

Fish soup with aioli, 2 portions

For the aioli:

2 eggyolks

2 tsp dijon mustard

a pinch of salt

some white pepper

250 ml coldpressed rapeseed oil

1,5 small cloves of garlic, pressed

For the soup:

3 carrots

1 potato

1 layer of a fennel

150 ml cream

75 ml white wine

500 ml water + stock

1 clove garlic, pressed

1 trout fillet

1 whiting fillet

100 g peeled prawns

some chopped parsley

Start with the aioli: Mix the yolks with the mustard and salt and pepper in a steady bowl. Use an electric whisk to mix the oil, little by little, into the eggs. Using a good rapeseed oil will make the mayonnaise all yellow and pretty, but only give it a slight taste. You can also use a sunflower oil or something similar, but not a strong olive oil, it will give the mayonnaise the wrong flavour. Usually when making mayonnaise you add a little bit of white wine vinagar in the beginning as well, but I happened to all out of vinegar and since I add both the mustard and garlic, it is actually not needed, but when making regular mayo I think a little vinegar would make it even better. Press in the garlic after you have mixed all the oil with the yolks. I thought 1,5 small cloves was absolutely perfect for my taste, but taste your way to your best result. Cover the aioli with clingfilm and put it in the fridge while making the soup.

For the soup, peel the carrots and potatoes and chop them into similar sized pieces, cut one layer of the fennel into matching pieces, put it in a pan and cover with water, throw in some salt and boil until the vegetables are cooked. Then puree them, add cream and wine and water + stock until preferred texture and taste, press in some garlic, season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Then cut the fish into pieces, 1 x 1 inch, place in the soup and cook for a few minutes. Next throw in the prawns so they heat up, lastly sprinkle the parsley on top. Serve immeadiately with a large dollop of aioli in each bowl, some nice crusty bread and a nice chilled wine. Enjoy!

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