Borough Market

This lovely food market is a place I can never get enough of! There are always new things to discover as the seasons change, and yet I haven’t tried all the different lunch options they have, and some I might want to try again. 🙂

When it was Christopher’s birthday last year and he had to work all day, I took my shopping bag and bought all the groceries for his birthday dinner here. Oh, how I wish I could afford to do most my food shopping at Borough Market. That day I came home with girolles, pheasants, scallops, jerusalem artichokes and lots of other vegetables.

And here I can find lots of things I am used to finding in the supermarket in Sweden, girolles (love girolles!) and salsify for example.

My tip is to get here early on a Saturday before the crowds hit around 11am, do all your shopping in your own pace and then when the hunger kicks in, choose one of all the delicious dishes available, take it with you and sit down outside the Southwark Cathedral next door to the market. That’s a Saturday morning well spent!

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