Natalie på Pers Krog in Malmö

The day after we had a crayfish party, we could only think of one thing to eat for dinner: meat, potatoes and preferrably bearnaise sauce. 🙂 And I knew just where to find it, so we went to Natalie på Pers Krog in Malmö. The food they serve there is classic Swedish dishes influenced by the French kitchen. You can either sit outside on the veranda where they have heaters and blankets even though it has both walls and a roof, or you can sit inside and eat fondue. We chose the a’la carte menu and sat on the veranda.

The food is classic, tasty and comforting. Some of the waiters have probably worked there a long time and aren’t too enthusiastic, but the younger staff were really good. The interior of the restaurant would benefit from some restyling, but the old definitely has its charm.

For starters mum and I had Toast Walter, which is similar to Toast Skagen but has some horseradish in it as well. We were given very generous portions and it tasted wonderful. Dad chose spicy prawns cooked in butter, garlic and chilli, served with bread. Christopher went for snails and was very pleased with his choice. For mains mum and dad chose fillet Oscar, which is steak with a lobster tail on top and served with both jus and bearnaise sauce. Christopher chose tournedos Rossini; steak with foie gras and truffels on top, with jus and potato gratin. I chose plankstek; steak served on a plank of wood, with potato mash, bearnaise sauce and baconwrapped green beans. A real classic! We were all very pleased when we left.

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