Pasta with tiger prawns, red pepper pesto and mushrooms

Yesterday I wasn’t really prepared to make dinner, as I expected us to go out before going to the Proms. But the koncert didn’t start until late, so I was more in the mood of going home and relax until going there, so I quickly had to come up with something. Defrosting prawns doesn’t take long, and making this pasta dish doesn’t take long either – a perfect weekday dinner.

Pasta with tiger prawns, red pepper pesto and mushrooms, 2 portions

Pasta, I took farfalle

200 g cooked and peeled tiger prawns

1 can sliced button mushrooms

250 ml single cream

3 tbsp red pepper pesto

1 clove garlic, pressed

a splash of chilli sauce

some chilli flakes


Italian herb seasoning


white pepper

Cook the pasta according to the directions on the packet. Fry the mushrooms in some olive oil until they have got some colour. Then lower the heat and pour in the cream, followed by the other ingredients for the sauce, except the prawns. Bring to a boil, have a taste and adjust the flavours according to taste. If the sauce gets too thick, pour in a little milk. When the pasta has a minute or so to cook, pour the prawns into the sauce so they heat up. Drain the pasta and serve the sauce. If you have some fresh parsley at hand (I didn’t), chop it and sprinkle on top of the sauce. Enjoy!

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