Madklubben in Copenhagen

When in Copenhagen for the day I had booked a table at Madklubben after recommendations from my dear friend Emma. And we were not disappointed!

The restaurant is situated close to the New Harbour, Nyhavn, which is a great area but the restaurants there are proper tourist traps so avoid them to all cost. Instead walk a few hundred meters to this restaurant. It’s interior is modern and very Scandinavian but yet very cosy. The staff is friendly, and it says on the menu that the waiters are not experts on food and wine but are happy to help.

We shared two Danish charcuterie platters on four as a starter and it was very nice. It had two types of ham and a spicy sausage on there as well as pickled small mushrooms and pickled cherry tomatoes. For mains mum and I chose the plaice with parsley butter and a warm potato salad with pickled cucumbers and mustard dressing, all very fresh and light. Christopher chose the veal with green strawberries, smoked bonemarrow, carrots and pea purée. The meat was a huge piece and it was very tender. Dad also chose meat, the house steak with red wine sauce and potato salad. It was also a huge piece of steak and both the boys were very happy! 🙂

We were too full to have dessert straight after the meal so we went for a walk in Nyhavn and had an ice cream instead.

Madklubben is not very expensive, so I really recommend a visit if you are going to Copenhagen!

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