Turkey schnitzel with mozzarella and bacon

Last night we had the first homecooked meal by me for a while. While in Sweden we happily let my mother cook for us or went out for food. But I do enjoy to cook even on weekdays, especially when the result turns out this good. A different take on the classic chicken cordon bleu.  

Turkey schnitzel with mozzarella and bacon, 2 portions

4 turkey escalopes

2 slices smoked streaky bacon

4 slices buffalo mozzarella

2 eggs



salt and pepper

Fry the bacon slightly crispy. On two of the escalopes, place two slices of mozzarella, put a slice of bacon each on top and put the remaining escalopes on top of that, so the cheese and bacon is sealed in the middle.

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Place the breadcrumbs in another bowl. First dip the escalopes in the beaten eggs, then in the crumbs so they are properly coated all around. Next melt some butter in a skillet and fry the escalopes until they are crispy on the outside and cooked all the way through. Tastes great together with a creamy potato mash.


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