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Summer galette

I found this recipe in the Sunday Telegraph’s magazine a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to try it. Since Christopher had the day off yesterday and all the ingredients were in the fridge, he made it instead … Continue reading

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Baked potatoes – Swedish style

I still haven’t learned to like jacket potatoes with baked beans or cheese or tuna, which seems to be how potatoes are eaten here in England. Instead I hold on to my Swedish way of eating baked potatoes. With prawns … Continue reading

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My mum doesn’t like bought pizzas, according to her they are too greasy and not very tasty. But she likes homemade pizzas so we had that regularly when I was a child. I prefered bought pizzas though because the dough … Continue reading

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Quinoa crunch

This is a slightly healthier cookie as it doesn’t contain wheat, quinoa also has a low GI (glycemic index). I was inspired by this recipe to make these. Quinoa crunch, about 20 squares 50 grams butter 50 ml golden syryp … Continue reading

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Fattiga riddare – sweet eggy bread

When we make french toast in Sweden it is slightly different, we call it Fattiga riddare (which means poor knights), and it is just a sweeter version of french toast/eggy bread. It is usually served as a afternoon snack for … Continue reading

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Pasta carbonara

I like to cook dishes that doesn’t need any specific ingredients, but only things I always have at hand. It feels like a free meal! This is one of these free meals, as we always have eggs and bacon in our … Continue reading

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Sushi for lunch

I had sushi from Wasabi for lunch. This happens once in a while, and everytime I tell myself not to have it again. Because it really isn’t that good. Look at my sushi above; massproduced, fresh though (otherwise they would be … Continue reading

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Tosca cake

In Sweden we have an amazing book for baking called Sju sorters kakor, and I dare to say that nearly all households own a copy. My mother had to buy a new one a couple of years back as the … Continue reading

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I love this simple appetizer. Perfect while waiting for the barbecue. Delicious! Bruschetta, as an appetizer for 2 people 1 crusty baguette, about 20 cm long 2 tomatoes fresh basil, half a bunch 1 clove of garlic olive oil salt … Continue reading

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Hasselback potatoes

This is a Swedish classic, ‘invented’ in the 40s when there were plenty of potatoes but little of everything else. Hasselback potatoes (Hasselbackspotatis) White potatoes, as many as you need (2-3 per person) olive oil salt white pepper Peel the … Continue reading

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