Gooseberry crumble

I made this crumble the other day nad even though I’m not a huge fan of crumbles, I must say I liked this one. However, if making a crumble with gooseberry for example that melts in the oven, you need more crumble than I had, so I have changed the recipe and added more flour and sugar to make it less moist. It was still lovely but a bit too juicy.

Gooseberry crumble, 4 portions

400 g gooseberries, rinsed and ends removed

3 tbsp granulated sugar

200 ml plain flour

200 ml granulated sugar

200 ml ground almonds

100-150 g butter, at room temperature

Put the berries in a quiche dish, pour over 3 tbsp sugar. The make the crumble by mixing butter, almonds, flour and sugar. Pour over the berries. Bake in 175C for 20-30 minutes, until nice and golden. Serve with vanilla icecream or custard.

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