Pork belly roast

Before I moved to England two years ago, I had never eaten pork belly, but I really like the tender meat with the crackling on top. This is the first time I tried to make it myself, and I must say I liked the result. I peaked at a Jamie Oliver recipe for the cooking times, but I didn’t really follow the recipe otherwise.

Pork belly roast

pork belly (mine weighed about 500 grams and served 2-3 people)


black pepper

Take the belly and put it skin side up, make scores about a cm apart with a sharp knife. Mine was already prepared like that when I bought it, so I started witht the next step, to rub salt onto the skin and try to get it in down in the scores, then brush the excess salt off. Turn the meat around and season with salt and black papper. Then place it skin side up in a roasting dish, and put in the oven for half an hour on high heat, at least 220 C. This high temperature turns the skin into crackling. Yum! Then turn the oven down to 180 C, or even lower actually if it’s a small piece of meat like mine and bake for about 2 hours. Mine was a little bit dry on the edges so next time I will turn the oven down a bit more. But the crackling was perfect and the meat inside very tender.

Here served with red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and carrots.

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