Meringue suisse

This is the Swedish substitute to Eton Mess, I like them both. Meringue suisse (Maräng suisse) is a common dessert for children’s birthday parties, but it is nice for grown ups too!

If you have time to make your own meringues and your own icecream, do, it will of course be even yummier, but it works fine with a nice vanilla ice cream from the shop and bought meringues too. Luckily for me, I could use the meringues we were given last time we went to Trinity, so I got homemade meringues without having to make them. 🙂

Meringue suisse

Lightly whipped cream

Vanilla icecream

Sliced banana(s)


Chocolate sauce: equal parts cocoa, granulated sugar and water (for two people 3 tbsp of each is enough)

Pour the ingredients for the sauce into a pan and stir until it has boiled for a few minutes. Place the icecream, cream, banana and meringues in individual bowls, without mixing it. Pour the warm chocolate sauce on top. Yum….

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