Skylon is a great restaurant on the Southbank, and belongs to the Conran group D&D London. I have eaten here twice and both times the food was great, but the last time (a while ago now though, in October last year) it was amazing! I went there with my parents and Christopher when my parents were visiting and we all loved the food.

I remember being in pain all through the meal (stomach issues) but I still enjoyed it and remember how good it was. The menu was very in season so I had something with girolles as a starter, and since I love girolles I loved the starter. But the main course was the best! Fillet of venison cooked to perfection together with a smoked potato mash that was divine. I don’t know how to smoke mash, but I really want to learn! We were stuffed after the main course but still shared a baked alaska for two (on four) and it was great too, the show with flambé in Grand Marnier was fun too. 🙂

The first time I dined at Skylon I remember eating a lovely mackerel tartar as a starter and stuffed rabbit with risotto, which was very tasty, but at the end of the meal the risotto was a bit sickly.

If you go, ask for a table by the window as you can watch the sun set over the Southbank. It is not the most amazing view though, as the restaurant is on the second floor, but still pretty overlooking the river.

They also have a grill section, but I always find the restaurant menu more appetising and therefore haven’t been to the grill yet.

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