Pasta carbonara

I like to cook dishes that doesn’t need any specific ingredients, but only things I always have at hand. It feels like a free meal!

This is one of these free meals, as we always have eggs and bacon in our fridge, and most of the time parmesan and a bit of cream too.

Pasta carbonara, 2 portions

400 grams spaghetti

6 slices smoked streaky bacon

2 eggs

50 ml single cream

50 ml grated parmesan



Cook the spaghetti the way you like it. Meanwhile, cut the bacon in small pieces and fry them on medium-high heat until they’re brown and crispy. Let some kitchen towel soak up the excess fat. Whisk the eggs and cream together and add the parmesan and blackpepper. Drain the pasta and pour the eggmixture over it and add the bacon. Make sure you coat everything with the sauce. Serve with some more black pepper and parmesan for those who want some, and it is nice to serve a salad with this creamy dish.

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