Baby back ribs

This ‘recipe’ is hardly considered cooking; the oven does all the job for you, but this is a great dinner when you can’t be bothered to cook but don’t want to order in.

Baby back ribs 2 portions

0.5 kg rack of loin ribs

barbecue marinade, I used Newman’s Own

Put the oven on 175-200 centigrade, it all depends on the oven. I have to put mine on 175 otherwise the ribs get dry and a bit burned. Take a big oven dish and put the ribs meatside down and brush some marinade on the rack, just enough to coat it. Bake for about 30 minutes, they should have a lovely brown colour by now and your house will smell divine. Turn the rack around and brush some marinade on the other side, put back in the oven for 30-40 minutes. Take them out and cut them up – that’s it!

In the meanwhile I made some potato wedges that needs about 40 mins-1hr in the oven (potato cut in wedges, coat lightly in olive oil + spices (BBQ or Cajun is great with the ribs)). Serve with coleslaw for an American feel and some nice sauces. On my plate we have cold bearnaise sauce, and creme fraiche with sambal oelek. Enjoy!

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