As well as posting my favourite recipes on here I will also use it as a restaurant file for my favourite restaurants.

First out is Trinity, a great great restaurant walking distans from my flat. 🙂 It’s not in central London, but in Clapham (zone 2), in the cute Clapham Old Town.

In a month’s time I’ve managed to go there twice – that’s how good it is!

The first time I went there the food was so amazing it took my breath away. I started off with bacon-wrapped asparagus, wild garlic puree (to die for) with parsnip crisps and jelly. Main course was the best risotto I’ve ever had! Just amazing. So many flavours! And then poached meringues in custard with cherry compote for dessert. Divine!

The second time I had foie gras de canard pate with Madeira jelly and toasted brioche. So good, it was just too big. As a main course I had seabass with pesto and an anchovies and tomato tarte. Really really nice! And for dessert I had a lemon tarte with whipped creme fraiche. The filling in that tarte was sooo tasty it would have been a nice dessert on its own as maybe a creme brulee. It tasted amazing! We even got a take-home present this time, a small bag of homemade meringues.

Check out their website and book a table pronto!

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