Bearnaise sauce

The best bearnaise sauce is this one!

After many trials and errors I managed to pull off the perfect bearnaise sauce, even picky Christopher thought it was amazing.

Bearnaise sauce 4 portions (or 2…)

150g salted butter

2,25 tbsp white wine vinegar

1,5 tsp dried tarragon

2 tbsp water

3 eggs

Melt the butter in a pan, leave to cool. Separate the egg yolks from the whites. In another pan (preferrably non-stick) pour in the vinegar and tarragon. Reduce on a high temperature and make sure you have the extractor fan on. Make sure to not burn the tarragon. When nearly all the liquid has evaporated, pour in the water and whisk around. Leave to cool a little, then pour in the yolks. On very low heat or with a pan of water underneath, pour in the butter bit by bit while whisking away. If your pan has a thick base you need to keep whisking even after you take it off the heat. Season with salt and white pepper.

Updated: If you want it slightly more vinegary take instead: 1,75 tsp tarragon, 2,75 tbsp vinegar and don’t let it all disappear from the pan, and 135 g butter for 3 yolks.

The difficulty of making bearnaise sause lies in whisking the yolks and the butter together. Make sure you whisk hard for the sauce not to split. If it happens – just start over with a new yolk.

Enjoy with steak and homemade potato wedges.

In Swedish.

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